Dis is mah blog.

Pay Homage To All The Things

Dis is mah blog.

For this inaugural post, I will start by paying homage to those who have courageously gone before. Those who have pioneered the interwebs and thus inspired the wealth of ideas about to be projected onto this little plot of internet I have staked out and called my own. Those who first bravely and transparently published their innermost feels for all the world wide web to see. Those people who have personally brought enjoyment to my life by posting relevant and interesting content. Those people- are awesome. They are:

Hyperbole and a half
ALL THE THINGS. No seriously, she is all the things. The ever-circulating “ALL THE THINGS” meme originated from an illustration this girl drew in one of her posts. It’s a neat blog. Lots of feels. Illustrations drawn in paintbrush. Really, it’s great.

Mark’s Daily Apple
If ever there were a genuine community on the internet, this is it. People relaying their struggles, tips, and encouragements about real life health and eating conundrums. I really enjoy this site and check it regularly. If not for the content, then at least for the comments. Paleo Ron Burgandy would love to be your friend.

The Eating Academy
Ever wanted to get a graduate education in lipidology? Me too. This is “the personal blog of Peter Attia.” I love this blog because of all the straight up and unadulterated science. It can cater to any reader while also relaying the critical bits that a chemistry major like me would want to know, but wouldn’t need a PhD to understand. For a summation of the mission of this blog, see Peter Attia’s TEDMED talk.

Fun fact- I posted a comment on an archived Eating Academy post once, and he actually responded. The post had about a bajillion comments already. I was impressed.

Oh She Glows
Although I would never return to veganism, because it was terrible, I did appreciate the creativity and effort that goes into preparing a vegan meal. Adopting any special diet requires some culinary breadth, but this lady, Angela, really gets creative. She even makes vegan food look appetizing, which makes her a large part of the reason I was able to stick with it so long (still a terrible idea). She posts great photos, too.

All of these blogs share a common denominator of openness and intimateness with their readers. I really love that. Even when some of them try and sell me stuff, it’s okay! Because that’s how they can make their living and still provide quality awesome content that I thoroughly enjoy. A lot of these blogs have amazing before and after type life transformations that the authors have documented. I would encourage anyone reading this to check them out. Some will hit you right in the feels.



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