Life hacks that aren’t stupid

Have you ever clicked on one of those buzzfeed-esque articles that promised to provide you with everyday solutions that would somehow change your life? With the title “271 Life Hacks That Will Change Your World,” or something like that? I bet you clicked on it hoping to uncover some clever nuggets of innovation that would really change your life. I certainly did. And was utterly disappointed.

Because of the Internet’s epic failure to provide real life hacks that will actually make a difference in your day (it’s okay Internet, you were so close), I have taken it upon myself to compile a short list of hacks that aren’t stupid. Here you go.

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The Possum Drop

peta showed upSo in my hometown, we have this New Year’s tradition of dropping a possum in a box. It’s a lot like the ┬áNYC ball drop. In fact, they’re basically the same thing. Basically.

One year PETA threw a fit about it, calling it inhumane and what not, which triggered some press around the event. The New York Times even wrote an article about it. It’s not animal cruelty on any level; Clay feeds the possum cat food in captivity for a few days and then releases it again after the drop. I’ve previously always felt pretty apathetic towards the whole scenario, but then this trailer came out.

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Dis is mah blog.

Pay Homage To All The Things

Dis is mah blog.

For this inaugural post, I will start by paying homage to those who have courageously gone before. Those who have pioneered the interwebs and thus inspired the wealth of ideas about to be projected onto this little plot of internet I have staked out and called my own. Those who first bravely and transparently published their innermost feels for all the world wide web to see. Those people who have personally brought enjoyment to my life by posting relevant and interesting content. Those people- are awesome. They are:

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